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2022-04-20 11:16:21

金宵大廈2|「姐姐」黃婉華回應種族歧視指責 發文致歉:絕無不尊重之意

黃婉華在《金宵大廈2》單元《姐姐》塗黑自己演姐姐惹抨擊。 黃婉華在IG發文道歉,強調絕無不尊重或歧視的意圖。

無綫劇集《金宵大廈2》單元《姐姐》演工人姐姐LuLu的舞台劇演員黃婉華,演技雖獲讚賞,但因塗黑自己扮菲籍外傭惹來種族歧視的指責,事件引起軒然大波,繼法新社指侮辱和麥明詩評論事件後,《淪落人》演菲傭的菲籍女演員姬素孔尚治(Crisel Consunji) 昨日(19日)亦撰長文,指黃婉華在花絮片段扮口音令人反感。


上周播出的《金宵大廈2》單元《姐姐》至今仍成為網上熱話。 黃婉華在《姐姐》的演出贏得不少讚賞。


I have taken some time over the past few days to process my emotions, reflect, speak to members of the community and listen to the many voices that have reached out to me.

I sincerely apologise to all who have been negatively affected in any way by the 7th chapter "Jei Jei" of the Barrack O'Karma 1968 drama series, and my role in it. I have learned through this incident that professionally trying my best to analyse, interpret and act a given role to fulfil the storyline, is only part of the job.

I genuinely have no intention to disrespect or racially discriminate any ethnic group, please forgive me for getting it wrong. It has been a challenging experience to be at the centre of a lesson that art reflects deeply entrenched social attitudes. Open sharing, if handled well, can surely only be good in raising awareness of issues that need to be discussed. I am truly sorry that my insensitivities have offended and hurt. I am committed more than ever to using my acting for the good of the community.

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